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Out of the Blue is an international theatre company formed from the collaboration of Haylin, Harry, and Ting in 2020. With company members from different social and training backgrounds, we are united by our collective curiosity about the world and the passion for fostering a sense of awareness, playfulness, openness, and connection through theatre.

How We Work

Our curiosity usually leads us through

an extensive research and development process.

We love to draw inspirations from

different cultures and societies, and to

involve collaborators from diverse expertise during the creation process.

We experiment with what theatre can be

in the age of globalisation and information.

We question how theatre can engage

with the human condition. 

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Online company meeting with Ting, Haylin, Adele, and Harry

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“The inner aural space is the new performance area, and Out Of The Blue have managed to delve it to your imagination and start to reveal new potential


At the end of the intensive 55 minutes, you are exhausted, refreshed, and connected… with yourself and the world.”

— ArtsCulture

Our debut production IMAGINARIUM is an online immersive audio show for the audience to experience in their own bedrooms. It acknowledges the limitations lockdowns have imposed on the theatre industry and people’s lives. It seeks to give our audience an entertaining, cathartic experience.


We've worked with...

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We've been supported by...

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Our Plans

As an emerging company who wishes to sustain the longevity of our creative collectives and to support and nurture each company member, we are working hard to establish sustainable and ethical company structure and guidelines, as well as reaching out to organisations, venues, communities, and individual practitioners for collaborations and advice. We are planning our next projects, and will be making use of various media, including interviews, blogs, workshops, and newsletters to keep ourselves, the industry, and our audience engaged.



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